Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is it Photography or Photoshop!!

Is it Photography or Photoshop??

I was sitting on a bench on Park City's main street and snapped a 'point n shoot' photo of the street scene below:

But in my 'mind' eye' I saw something more artistic. It was dusk and the little lights in the background tree had just come on. I waited until it was darker and the lights were brighter and cast a warm glow. I set my camera to the largest aperture my lens would allow, f/4, and adjusted other settings for low light. I positioned my camera as close to the flowers as possible and zoomed in. This created a soft dreamy look, blurring the background and rendering the tree lights as big round light globes called 'bokeh'. The above photo is the result. Photography may or may not involve using Photoshop to enhance a photo, but it is always about using the variables of lighting, composition and camera settings to create a photo!

Wild Daisies

Wild Daisies

There is something so carefree and lighthearted about wildflowers growing where ever they choose with no apparent order and no concern that their closest neighbors are weeds!    I found these wild daisies near Sundance Ski Resort which is a short ride from my home.  (My grandmother cultivated this 'look' in her own flower garden and my Dad used to call it 'studied carelessness'.)