Thursday, December 24, 2020

                                                                                              Red Hills Desert Garden

I've been so spoiled to be able to photograph the Christmas lights on Temple Square every year!! Nothing quite compares to that experience! Since I couldn't go this year, my heart hasn't been in shooting the lights, but I talked myself into going to the Red Hills Desert Gardens tonight anyway. I always try to look for new compositions or different perspectives than common scenes one usually sees or that I've photographed numerous times. Here's the best I came up with. P.S. Here's a hint for shooting Christmas lights. Shoot during twilight or the blue hour. Many times lights are photographed looking up and when it is dark you end up with a boring black sky. (Unless you do something fancy like combine photos and replace the sky with a Milky Way photo.) But if you go just after the Christmas lights come on while there is still color in the sky, you will have a more colorful and interesting composition.