Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Transportation in Samoa

While we were in Samoa we didn't see motorcycles or scooters and only a few bicycles.  What we did see were many taxis and buses, especially between the airport and Apia.  We were told there is no public transportation in Samoa, but many privately owned buses, most of which were very brightly painted and personalized with sayings, pictures, statements, etc.  There were no windows, and all seemed to be jammed packed.  Sure made the roads interesting.
We also saw a fair amount of pick up trucks, usually crammed full of something, often people.  The roads in the villages are busy because most people walk and so the cars, trucks and buses have to share the road with people, and........
pigs, chickens and dogs, all of which are allowed to roam freely.  We were told the pigs know where they live and always return home in the evening to be fed.