Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tiera's Challenge - Sixth Folder, Sixth Picture

Well, this is boring! Of all the zillions of photos I have, this would be the one! (I was going to cheat and use another one, but just couldn't do it.) Anyway, I keep a folder of various patterns to use as backgrounds in photos. This is a photo I took of the walkway up to our front door......well I couldn't just post this, so I thought I'd show you what I might do with this pattern, and a little bit of Photoshop Magic as well. Scroll down......

Original Photo of Vanessa

Original photo taken at the Children's Museum in Omaha. Bad lighting, kids moving, etc.

Final Photo

Final photo with new background, cropped, sharpened, lighting brightened on eyes and teeth. And isn't she a beautiful little girl, with or without my photo magic!


One of the roses Jeff gave me for Valentine's Day, with a little fancy lighting and a fun bit of artwork., (put your readers on and look closely!)

If we have sweethearts who are kind, generous, trustworthy, temple worthy, dependable, hard workers, devoted parents, who often sacrifice their needs for the best of the family, then we are rich beyond our wildest dreams! I have and I am.

Happy Valentine's Day, Jeff!