Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tech Talk Tuesday (Just the Basics)

A Different View
Often a photo grabs your eye because it shows a view or perspective, or isolates a composition differently from what one normally sees.  Particularly if you are photographing something familiar, (like flowers), think about compositions that will be unusual or different than just pointing your camera down from above the flower, because this is the way most people look at flowers and this is the way most people take pictures of flowers.  And often this makes for a boring, ho hum picture.  Here are some ideas:  try shooting from underneath, emphasize the stem, capture dew drops at dawn, isolate a color palette,  include an interesting design element as a background, zoom in on the stamens, wait for beautiful light, etc.  I spent some time on Saturday at yet another photography workshop.  One of the presenters said that the most interesting photos are taken from either way below four feet or way above four feet.  I like that!  Try to get WAY below four feet for flowers.  Something to think about as you compose your spring flower gallery. 

Pretty Maids All in a Row

Pure In Heart

Pink on Pink

Spotlight Please

P.S.  I have a favor to ask.  When I upload my photos to this blog, they appear over exposed and washed out.  In order to make them appear correctly exposed, I often decrease the exposure before I upload.  So I'm wondering if my photos appear too dark or too light on your monitor???  (I know the original exposure is correct because they print out perfectly.  It's just the blog that gives me trouble.)  I sure could use your feedback on this!  If you could drop me a comment I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks a bunch!!!!!