Monday, November 5, 2018

Amazing Autumn Color!

Amazing Autumn Color
I have neglected posting my recent photos to this blog.  
So if you are here, thanks for stopping by, and scroll down to see what I've by photographing the last few weeks!!  

Gunlock, Utah

Gunlock, Utah
There is almost always a photo op at this little gem of a spot in Gunlock, a small village about 10 minutes from our southern Utah home. (I think there must have been another photographer taking pictures there shortly before me because the yellow leaves on the rock were already perfectly placed for my composition!)

Room For Rent!


You Light Up My Life!!

You Light Up My Life! 

Sometimes a 'photo op' finds me! I was sitting in the car getting my camera ready while waiting for the sun to set, and when I looked up, this is what I saw. So I quickly got out and stood in front of the car for this shot!

Lake Powell 2018

There are 9 certified 'dark sky places' in southern Utah where the Milky Way is clearly visible with the naked eye. Add a long exposure and a tripod, and the night sky becomes magical as seen through a camera lens.
Our annual family vacation to Lake Powell is always an 'adventure'! This year was not our best year with a broken and leaky houseboat, a broken ski boat, and rainy, cold weather. But despite all this, everyone stayed safe and the kids and grandkids always have a great time. And as a bonus, when I can photograph scenes like this, it makes it all worth while!!

The Last Dance!

Buttery yellow aspen leaves twirl and twitter in a soft autumn breeze, not knowing if this dance will be their last!

Midway Autumn

 Room With a View
 Sometimes the best therapy is taking a long drive on a dirt road!
Ancient Apple Orchard