Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gifts From the Heart - and a request for your HELP!

Gifts From the Heart, (and the camera)
I have been gratified to hear of special ways some of you have taken my challenge to use your photography talents to  bless the lives of others this holiday season (see special post above).  Other than portraits, a beautifully framed picture to hang in someone's home would be a wonderful Christmas gift.  But gifts from the heart don't have to be big or expensive to be meaningful and show family and friends you put a bit of time and thought into giving them something of yourself.  As photographers, many of us make our own greeting cards or give a packet of note cards as a modest gift.  I have given hundreds of these away over the years and now I have many people who look forward to receiving them on birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.  This year, I've made bookmarks out of some of my images to give away.  (And remember, for you photographers who are not crafty, maybe you could collaborate with your spouse on the crafty part.)  People feel special when they receive something personally made for them, and making people feel special and loved is what gift giving should be about!  So, if anyone has more creative ideas about how to use their photography talents to bless the lives of others, PLEASE leave a comment and give us all some more ideas, and also let us know of your experience with the above challenge.  AND NOW FOR MY PLEA FOR HELP.  SEVERAL MONTHS AGO I SAW THIS WONDERFUL BOOKMARK IDEA ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BLOG.  I LOVED IT AND JOTTED IT DOWN THINKING IT WOULD BE A WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA.  BUT I DIDN'T WRITE DOWN THE BLOG.  I'VE TRIED TO GO BACK AND FIND IT BUT CAN'T.  I MUST GIVE CREDIT TO THE CREATIVE BLOGGER WHOSE IDEA I'VE USED.  PLEASE, IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE THAT PERSON, OR IF YOU KNOW THAT PERSON, PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE AND LINK TO THAT BLOG! 

P.S.  For those of you looking for TECH TALK TUESDAY, I've postponed it until next week.  This Christmas week, I echo Scott's sentiments, and want to concentrate on feeling the spirit of Christmas.   Be sure to check out his Christmas week posts HERE.  You will be inspired!  TECH TALK TUESDAY WILL RESUME NEXT WEEK!