Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Photography-To Edit or Not to Edit????

From DULL..........

........To DAZZLING!

Wedding photography preferences are as unique and individual as the people you photograph.  Couples may say they want very traditional poses and images, some may want photojournalism- candid style photography, some may be in love with black & white, and some may want to be on the cutting edge of the latest photography trend.  What I've found, is, that regardless of what they tell you, most couples really don't know what they'll like until they see it.  Here's what I've learned to do.  I present all their wedding photos in classic color with little editing.  Then I take some of my personal favorites, duplicate them, and add my own 'photo art'.  I vary my edits from simple sepia and black & white to more dramatic creativity like the image above and the image two posts back.  They get to see the original and compare it to the artistic version.  They will then know instantly what they like and don't like,  and are thrilled you have taken the time to give them a choice.

Side note:  dark gray days with low contrast lighting will produce flat, dull looking pictures.  No matter how pretty the location, or great the pose, if the lighting is dull, your photos will not pop.  This is a great time to practice and add some creative flair.