Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dwarf Bear Poppy


Dwarf Bear Poppy
                                                                                                                 Beautiful, Resilient, Adaptable, Survivor


Nature can teach us so much about life! On this day I learned that one can find beauty almost anywhere if one looks hard enough, long enough or close enough. I also learned that being tenacious in adapting to one's surroundings and circumstances is a key to survival and growth. This charming plant, the Dwarf Bear Poppy, is only found in the barren deserts of Washington County, Utah, and can't even be grown in labs or protected gardens. In contrast to this harsh environment where it lives and survives, the plant and blooms look fragile and delicate as their petals flutter gracefully in the breeze.  Can you spot a couple of these plants from the long distance view below?


Small, Colorful, and Interesting

Often, when I take time to observe and focus my attention on seemingly small and overlooked things, I find they are actually colorful, interesting and have purpose as they go about their day's activities. Kinda like people. This was taken at a small pond near home.