Wednesday, January 28, 2015

National Creek Falls

I really dislike winter in northern Utah where it is cold, windy, smoggy and usually snowy.  Although I must admit, we have had a mild winter so far, with very little snow in the valley where I live.  And I feel guilty complaining when I think about everyone dealing with mountains of snow and freezing temperatures.  Still, I'm not out taking photos very much and often feel claustrophobic if I'm indoors for too long. 

On a positive note, I usually force myself to go through my photos from the previous year, and organize, edit, delete, and upload to my Smugmug account for 'cloud' storage.  This is a constant battle because with digital it is so easy to take tons of photos!  (Sometimes I long for the old days of simple photo albums.  It forced me to be very selective about the photos I took and saved.)  

Anyway, as I am organizing, I usually find a bunch I just didn't get around to editing or some I overlooked but when revisited, decided they might be keepers after all.  Such is the following photo I took on a little get-away vacation Jeff and I took to Oregon last September.  I think I'll keep it!

 National Creek Falls, Oregon

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Classic Cars and Characters

After my last post I remembered two of my favorite 'classics' from past car shows:

 Another Fifties Gal

And my favorite decade....A Sixties Gal  (Peace Out!)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fifties Gal

Fifties Gal

First car show of the year for my husband to show off his muscle car.   It was held in Mesquite, Nevada, and although there is not much to look at in this little border town, and not much to do, (except gamble in the few casinos), the weather was sunny, warm and beautiful.   On this day, a ton of people who had escaped the winter weather up north, were strolling around in short sleeves, shorts and flip flops and enjoying about 900 classic cars that were on display. 

As for me, I was much more interested in the 'classic' people that car shows always seem to attract.  Rather than sneaking around taking candids, I much rather like to introduce myself, strike up a conversation and get to know a bit about the people I photograph.  I asked this attractive lady, (attractive except for the tats, IMHO), if she dressed up especially for the car show.  She said the only time she does not dress like this is when she goes to work.  She was also wearing stylish high heels and seamed silk stockings to complete her look.  I loved that she mimicked the green car adornment she was standing next to.