Monday, August 3, 2009

Tech Talk Tuesday


This is an okay photo of a rodeo clown, but it's really kind of boring. He is framed by a lot of boring brown dirt and dead space above his head. The viewer does not know if he is waving, getting ready to catch a ball, or doing something else. Look below for a much more interesting picture.

Now we have a story! We know exactly what has been happening here. This guy has been entertaining the crowd with his funny little car that is obviously not in driving condition any more. Looks like he'll be hitching a ride home! We took the Kimball boys to a rodeo recently, and this was their favorite part. This clown really earned his pay and kept the boys laughing with his funny antics.

Looking Up

Going out for the last boat run of the day, we had just left shore and I turned around and saw these beautiful clouds. I must say that this spring and summer I have been looking up a lot. We have had such amazing skies. I suggest for all you busy people rushing to get to that next appointment, look up and maybe you'll see something beautiful to add a moment of joy in a hectic day.