Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Moment in Time - Bali

A peaceful moment in time...or so it seems. 

We only spent one day on the beach in Bali, and were there along with about a hundred of our closest friends. The day was hot and humid, the midday sun was bright and moving across a cloudless sky, bleaching out most colors. Not good conditions for landscape photography, but I knew I had to come away with at least one beach photo. I noticed this pergola with hanging lanterns and draped in matching fabric. I thought this might add some color and interest to an otherwise boring and 'high key' like scene. It was a miracle there were no people directly in front of me, (they were everywhere else on the beach). Just as I was quickly composing my shot, using the pergola as a 'frame', this lady strolled into my picture and stopped long enough for me to use her as my subject of interest! She almost looks like a model purposefully posing for the camera, but she had no idea I was taking her picture! (I did do a bit of editing to lighten and even out the color to enhance a high key look.)