Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fantasy Wedding

Tyler and Emily hired photographers to take lovely traditional photos documenting the big event; however, Emily wanted me to do some 'high fashion' and 'fantasy' type shots just for fun.  This was taken before the wedding in the meadow next to my home.  The wedding day was perfect in every way.  I was especially impressed with the photographers they chose - a husband and wife team.  She shot stills and he shot video.  The ceremony was from 3:00p to about 4:30p.  Right after, the photographers took pictures out and around the temple until about 10 minutes before the reception/dinner/dancing that started at 6:00p.  As part of the 'entertainment',  they set up a large screen and played a beautiful video that the videographer had just taken 15 minutes earlier.   I was amazed he could put this together on the spot and that fast.  He said it was a short sneak peak at what the final one will be.  If you want a little romance today,  HERE you go!  (P.S.  I don't know if it is because it is HD or what, but you have to start the video,  then pause it, and let it 'render' or 'load' or do whatever it does for a few minutes.  Then hit the start arrow again, and it should play without stopping.)