Friday, March 13, 2009

Flowers for Mom

My mom was a gardener. She loved her garden, she loved flowers and had beautiful flowers of all varieties blooming year round. Sometimes she picked them to arrange on our table for dinner, but not often because she loved to see them growing naturally outside 'where they belonged'. She gardened the summer before she passed away at age 96. That spring I was down for a visit and suggested we go for a ride. She had never seen where my brother Paul worked, which is in Antelope Valley, over the mountains and in the high desert of California. Spring in this area is very fickle. Many years spring brings green hills with a few wildflowers here and there, and then every so often the spring weather conditions are just right and there is an explosion of vibrant colors everywhere you look as far as the eye can see. It is glorious. It is intoxicating. It is heaven. That spring was one of those years. This was the last real outing my mom and I had before she passed away and Heavenly Father put on a show for her that was as memorable as she was. My mom and I had a wonderful day , just the two of us, that I will never forget. She passed away about 8 months later. Scroll down to see a picture I took of her at that time.

My mom was as kind and sweet as this picture portrays her to be. She never got grouchy as she got older and would always thank everyone who helped her. I miss her a lot. I like to think my mom and dad are having fun with their great grandson right now!