Saturday, February 27, 2010

My favorite Photos

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Fanning Island this week.  I treasure that one day as unique in my life experiences.  It truly felt we were stepping back in time to a simpler life.    It must seem strange to the laid back residents living in the middle of nowhere, that on one day a week, their quiet little paradise turns into a bustling crowd of sunburned, noisy people wearing floppy hats and sunglasses, who invade their privacy for a few hours, and then leave as suddenly as they came.  For now, this tiny speck of land will remain relatively remote particularly if the cruise ship has stopped going there as I recently read.  When one of the tourists on our cruise asked the captain of the ship how quickly someone could get back to 'civilization' in an emergency, he replied about two days.  There is no place for planes to land, and it is too far for helicopters to fly.  I don't know how fast one could make it in a fast boat but it took two full days and nights for the cruise ship to get there.  So for know, this tiny speck of land will remain relatively remote, and that's probably a good thing.

My favorite photos were of the children of Fanning Island.  They were cute and friendly and seemed to love the excitement of the tourists and were curious as to what we were all about:

Drum roll please......and now my favorite photo: