Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Zealand Northland Christmas - Post #8

Along the Way - Part 1

Along the way we stopped at a museum....of sorts.  A retired sheep farmer had collected not only cars, but a variety of other junk stuff, from old farm equipment to pianos to sewing machines, telephones, tools, dentist chairs, typewriters, etc. etc. If you are a  pack rat, (hoarder??),  you can legitimize your affliction by building a big warehouse out on the 'lower forty' and sell tickets to gullible interested tourists to see it all. Then you can call yourself a businessman.  When Jeff saw that he had cars, of course, we had to stop, and even though none of the cars were the type he is interested in, he was still in heaven talking to another old vintage man about old vintage cars.  I didn't realize how much of a car withdrawal he has been in since coming to NZ until I saw him with this guy, chatting away just as if they were long, lost buddies (or mates as they would say here.....right Diane?).  I could hardly drag him away!! Check out a few more impressive (?) collectables...........

O.K., I'll stop, I know I'm boring you to death!