Monday, September 6, 2010

Moon Over Lake Powell

Riding In the Moonlight

The big, full moon made for lovely nights, but it was so bright we didn't see the usual star show.  Beautiful moon, romantic evening rides....perfect for the newlyweds that were with us.  We have this nice houseboat with beds, air conditioning, all the comforts of home, and the newlyweds decided to 'sleep' in a tent on the shore....away from the houseboat.  Go figure!

This image is how the scene looked to my eyes.  A telephoto lens would have kept moon the right size and with some detail, but the foreground was not in focus and the immediate foreground was not in the picture.  A wide angle lens puts everything in the picture and in focus but makes the moon appear smaller than how I  saw it.  Also, I could see a lot more detail and color in the low light night than my camera is capable of recording.  How would you solve these problems to have an accurate representation of what I actually saw???

Oh, I forgot to mention the bats???  They come out at night and eat the insects, which I'm sure is why we are never bothered with mosquitoes at Lake Powell.  Can you see the bat in this photo?