Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Point - Part 2

Looking for an 'S' curve!
Finding a curving line that leads the viewer into the scene makes for an interesting photo.  
(By the time I took this photo the sun was fairly high in the sky creating bright, almost harsh lighting,  so I used a little post editing magic to soften it up a bit.)

Looking and finding something different, often makes for an interesting photoAnd this composition also includes an 'S' curve.
This tulip was/is growing in a bed of tulips right at the edge of a path.  Someone had either stepped on it or bent it so that it was laying horizontal and resting on the wet walkway.  I loved the dark textures of the path that created the background.  There were reflections in the water puddle that were distracting, but were easily eliminated with a twist of the polarizing filter I use when shooting outdoors.