Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Time for Daffys!


                    A few cheerful daffodils to celebrate the beginning of Spring in Southern Utah.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Forsythia Means Spring is Around the Corner!


                                                                              I love forsythia! 

It is one of the first plants to bud out in the spring and is a welcome relief from gray skies and gray landscapes. I would often see these bright yellow shrubs mixed with spring snow showers and be reminded that winter is almost over for another year. But both snow and forsythia are not as common here in St. George as they are in northern Utah, so when I saw this on my travels a couple days ago I had to stop and take a photo......or maybe it was 10-20!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Spring is Not Here Quite Yet!


Mother Nature reminding us that winter is not quite over in the St. George area. It snowed yesterday and today, but this afternoon the heavy cloud cover lifted so I headed to Kayenta to see if the elusive, seasonal waterfalls were falling as they often do after a heavy rain or snow storm.

Spring in Snow Canyon


                                                                                           Spring has come to Snow Canyon! 

This was taken this morning about 5 minutes away from home, and I was standing right by the road. (I used to calI the photos I take nearby, (that everyone in the area would have access to without hiking or traveling), 'Drive By Shootings'. I thought I was clever until someone contacted me and said not to do that because she didn't read the rest of the caption and really thought someone had been shot in the neighborhood. So much for being clever!! (I literally was standing by the side of the road and had to crop out the roofs of houses that were visible in the bottom of the frame.)



Anticipation!! This is a backyard garden memory from a few years ago. I always look forward to Spring but I think this year comes the added anticipation and hope that soon we will be able to live a more normal lifestyle. And this Spring I think the flowers will seem more beautiful, more colorful, and bring me extra joy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Spring is Coming


How often do we take the time to find and enjoy the beauty that we see all around us? This work of art is a common Zinnia in the process of blooming. One of my favorite photographers, Karen Hutton, said, "I maintain that there is always EXTRA ordinary to be found in the ordinary. Sometimes it just takes the eyes to see it." I agree!!

Pine Valley Mountain, Utah


Pine Valley Mountain at sunset. For those of you not familiar with the St. George area, this mountain range is not naturally orange like the cliffs in my last post. If anyone wonders why landscape photographers (and other landscape artists), always talk about the importance of the quality of light, the time of day and the weather conditions necessary to make a good photo/image, look at the difference in the 2nd photo taken near the same location as the first one, but at midday in the bright sun.