Friday, June 3, 2011

Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

Aglow in golden evening light, this beautiful temple sits atop a hill like a sentinel, watching over miles of vibrant green country landscapes.


I feel like I'm in a dream where I suddenly fly away from my life, surroundings, daily routine, familiar faces, and then wake up in a foreign land.......  Oh wait, that actually happened!!!!  
The past 2 months have been incredible, in what I've seen, what I am learning and what I am doing.  I'm just now beginning to tread fast enough to keep my head above water. I'm hoping that soon I'll be posting here again, and visiting your blogs, too.  Just so you know, I'll post some of my favorite photos here, but to read about our adventures and see more, follow me HERE.  We've already been to some beautiful places, and that is easy because there are photo ops around every bend.  Here's one:
It was a dark and moody day, but the sun peeked through briefly.  Hard to believe everything is so beautifully green at the beginning of winter.