Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Wellington's Rugged Coastline

We are back in Wellington on another assignment for several days.  It has been windy and pouring down rain for most of the time we've been here.  Yesterday we finished our assignments around 1pm and decided to have lunch on the wharf with our fellow travelers.  The sky cleared, and it was beautiful and we had a delightful time.   I had some great fish and chips, (or as we often hear, fush and chups).  We then dropped our companions off at the airport, (we don't fly out until tomorrow).  After that we drove to our favorite little TipTop Dairy (tiny little corner market), each bought a double scoop of ice cream (hokey pokey and gold rush are our favorites), then spent late afternoon watching scenes like this one!  Lest you think our mission is one big photography vacation, we've been in Wellington this time for three and a half days and have been busy with our Public Affairs assignments for all that time, with the exception of these few hours of rest and the only time I had to take photos for pleasure.