Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Manti Temple After the Storm

Manti Temple After the Storm

A few weeks ago I had a scary and thought provoking experience.  I was driving all alone on a two lane road in rural central Utah, several hours away from both our northern home and southern vacation home.  It seemed from out of nowhere a violent summer thunder and lightning storm hit, and almost immediately the road became a raging river covering up the center and side dividing lines.  The black clouds were so low and the rain was coming down so fast and hard that my car was engulfed in thick sheets of water so dense and dark that my headlights were useless.  I could not see the headlights of oncoming cars or where the side of the road was, in order to pull off.  The only light came from continuous streaks of lightning very low and all around me.  The claps of thunder accompanying the lightning were close, loud and frightening.  Not daring to turn right or left or stop in the middle of the road, I crept along at about 5 mph for about 15 minutes and was grateful I didn't run into anything or off the road.  

Then after what seemed like forever, the storm relented a bit, the clouds lifted briefly, and for a minute I could see to the far end of the valley.  And there it was!  Sitting majestically on top of a hill, glowing in the horizontal rays of evening sunlight, was a beacon to help me find my way to safety; the beautiful Manti Temple!  I have always loved the picturesque setting of this exquisite temple, positioned to be seen for miles away and acting as a sentinel over this part of Utah, but it had never looked so beautiful and welcoming as it did to me on this day.

For me, temples are a reminder of my faith and hope in Jesus Christ.  When the storms of life gather around and seem ready to overtake and envelop me, I can always look to my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ to beckon and guide me back to safety.      

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

RZR Ridin' above Heber Valley

Took a RZR ride with some friends in the BEAUTIFUL mountains above Heber Valley.  I feel so blessed to be just a short drive away from such spectacular scenery.  (All taken with my iphone and doctored in Lightroom):

Just before the rain hit.  Luckily we all have rain gear, and it didn't last long!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bluebells & Bokeh


Another shot from Cedar Breaks National Monument.  It was hard to isolate just a few of these tiny flowers as they were clustered among so many flashier wildflowers that they didn't stand out very much.  I shot this from a low position looking up, and included dappled light filtering through the pines and aspens that created this dreamy looking backdrop.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Yesterday I took a 45 minute ride from our home near St. George, Utah, up into the mountains.  In that short time I went from a dry, hot desert climate with a day temperature around 100 degrees F, to a lush, green alpine climate with a temperature of 44 degrees F when I arrived.

Cedar Breaks National Monument
The wild flowers were in full bloom.

 Beautiful meadows and beautiful skies.

 Here is the view from the other side of the road.   It was a reminder that I was still in southern Utah and not far from the beautiful red rock cliffs I love.

 Brian Head Peak
After spending time taking photos of the wildflowers at Cedar Breaks, I drove up to this summit, where the wind was howling and I was surrounded by fast moving clouds.  The elevation here was over 11,300 feet.  (I came from an elevation of 2,800 feet in St. George.)  My car temperature showed 44 degrees, and I don't know what the official chill factor was, but I was freezing!  From this point not only can you see vast expanses of Utah is all directions, you can see parts of Nevada and Arizona.     

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spotlight Please!!

Spotlight Please!!
Today's Fantasy Garden

It was early morning and I was in a little corner of my backyard waiting for some sort of performance to begin.  My little garden theater was in deep shadow but I could hear the rustling of leaves and the sounds of other tiny spectators waiting with me for the curtain to go up.  The stage was ready, decorated in a soft blur of the deep blues and greens of the flowers and foliage.   When the sun barely peeped over the Rocky Mountains to the east, a splash of morning light turned water drops and bokeh into a fantasy land.  Then a sunbeam found its way through the trees and hit a large boulder in the background, creating a perfect spotlight.   Finally, the leading lady took her place, making my garden fantasy show for the day perfect.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Land That I Love!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wildflowers - Mr. Nebo Scenic Loop, Utah

Nature Whispers Sweet Nothings to Those Who are Listening......
(are you listening?)