Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tech Talk Tuesday (Just the Basics)

Repeating Patterns, Bright Colors and Unexpected Colors...
also make for interesting photos.  (All three don't have to be in the same shot, but I got lucky with this one.  Did you notice it's also on a diagonal?)  When you are able to isolate what you want your viewer to see from surrounding distractions by zooming in or post process cropping, you are able to create added drama and interest.  This scene was on a busy, colorful, New York street and actually kind of blended in because we were surrounded by visual interest and activities all competing for our attention.  If I had taken the photo with all the other activity included, this scene would have lost its impact.  I didn't realize how attractive it was until I looked at my photos later and saw it isolated.   When you are in a busy area like this, it helps to use your viewfinder and zoom lens in order to focus in on individual scenes and block distractions from your view.   Especially for travel photography and street photography, I have my camera up to my eye far more often than I actually take a photo.