Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Zealand Northland Christmas - Post #5

The Boat in the Bay

Whenever we are traveling and staying in a place even remotely photogenic, I always set the alarm to be up at dawn to see if there is a photo op to be had.  Usually there isn't and I go back to bed, but once in awhile I'm rewarded for my efforts.  Our motel was right on the shoreline, so I was up and out in just a few seconds.  

If you want to improve your photography, they say to pick a subject and see how many different and interesting compositions you can find.  Here is a lonely boat anchored in the bay and several of my compositions of it.  As you can see, it is still quite dark so lots of blues and muted colors.  (I wish I had had my tripod with me.)

By the time I walked up the beach a ways, there was a hint of color in the clouds and water, and reflected light on the pahutukawa tree.

 The first light was golden, not pink, and here is a third composition with boat.  Love the clouds in this one.

And finally, after many photos in between the one above and this one, the sun came up, the clouds are almost gone, leaving streaky reminders of what was once a beautiful dawn and a lovely beginning to the day.   Now it was time to wake up Jeff and be on our way.