Sunday, October 9, 2011


One of the quaint things about New Zealand is the little corner markets, usually called dairies.  Sprinkled throughout suburban neighborhoods, they are right out of the 40s, 50s and/or 60s.  It looks like way-back-when, people decided to build a little 'convenience' store onto the front of their houses, where a front yard would be.  So they live in the back and have a little business in the front.  Must have been before zoning codes.  Yes, NZ has very modern grocery stores,  just like you'd see in the States, but also these cute little reminders of years gone by. 

And most always these little stores advertise Tip Top ice cream.   Unfortunately, (for our waistlines),  we have discovered that NZ ice cream is delicious, so whenever we are on a Saturday drive, we find a dairy and stop for a double scoop.  They have strange and unusual flavors here.  Two of our favorites are Hokey Pokey and Gold Rush.  I think I've gained 10 pounds!!!