Thursday, July 22, 2010

High Noon at Capitol Reef

Another Image Saved by Modern Technology

This spring we were on a weekend trip with some friends and tried to see too many places in too short a time.  We were at Capitol Reef National Park for only about an hour, and you guessed it,  it was around high noon on a bright sunny day and I only had my point and shoot.  Most of my photos were of our friends and taken just to document our trip, but I really loved the composition of this shot.  I love how the cliffs step back from right to left, the shape of the tree, and how it is framed within the smaller hill.  So with the help of numerous computer programs and techniques, I ended up with this.  No where close to how dramatic this scene would have been around sunset, but not too bad considering what I started with.  (I love Photoshop!) If you want me to take you through what I did to this shot, let me know.  Here is the original: