Friday, November 19, 2010

NOT so Phun Phriday

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Again!
(Check out last post before reading this)
Well, I tried something new on my last post and it didn't work!!  I didn't do my homework.  I learned that 'Mr. Linky' only posts URLs, and does not post thumbnails of photos.  Well, who wants to look at a bunch of boring URLs???   Will that entice anyone to visit your blogs? I don't think so!!  I want people to have a glimpse of my talented blogging photographer friends' work, and make it an easy one click to get to your blog.   Now I've discovered 'Inlinkz' that posts thumbnails and your name, so I'm going to try again.  And for those of you who commented, but said you don't do fall decorations or you don't have a mantle,  so you couldn't participate, I'm really going to make this easy.  Just create a post with a photo of your choice.  Then come to my post and follow the directions below the following photo.   I really need some help to see if I can make this work!!!  If I say "Pretty Please"???  

Are You Talking to ME???? 

Phriday Phun - Something New (at least for me)

Well, this is going to be a really Phun Phriday for me because I'm going to try something new!
One reason I started a photography blog was because I wanted to connect with other photographers.  I wanted to learn from you and maybe teach a few things as well.  With the invention of technology making linking from one blog to another simple, (Mr. Linky), we can not only easily see a group of each other's images at a glance, but with a direct link to your blog from my blog, we all can make our blogs visible to more blogging photographers.
If this is fun and helps us make new friends then it'll be worth learning how to do it, so here's how I HOPE this will work:

Below I've posted a photo of my Mantle Masterpiece with fall decorations.  As a side note, I'll tell you why I took a picture of this.  From year to year, I can't seem to remember how I decorated.  I'll think, "I know I really liked how I decorated for Thanksgiving last year, but darned if I can remember what I did!"  So now I try to take pictures of the decorations I put up for each holiday.  It's fun to remember, and it's nice if I want to do the same thing for another year.  I thought this would be a good first attempt for this post, because all of you who would like to participate, can take a picture of what's on your mantle, or on your table or any other fall/Thanksgiving decoration.  It's a simple project, plus, it'll be fun to see how you welcome fall at your house.   I hope you'll help me see if this works...... I offer no contest, no prizes, just my friendship!  (And in return, I hope more visitors will find your blog!)  

First, post your image on your own blog.  Then after my Mantle Masterpiece below, there should be a place for you to click and follow the directions to add a link which will appear on my blog to your Mantle Masterpiece post on your blog.  If enough people participate, we may all meet some new photographer friends!