Thursday, August 26, 2021

Fire Lake, Ivins & Paddle Boarder


               Just the Paddle Boarder and the Photographer Enjoying a Peaceful Sunrise

Today's Story: I drug myself out of bed early and drove to Fire Lake, hoping for a beautiful sunrise. I was disappointed because the sky was boring, the wind was blowing, and the colors were dull. I decided to stick around anyway, found a composition, set up my tripod, and waited...and waited, and waited. I was the only one there. After waiting longer, a few clouds drifted by, and then the landscape started to slowly warm up just before the sun peaked over the cliffs. Just when I thought I might actually get a decent photo, this paddle boarder floated out from behind the trees. He saw me and knew he was being photographed. About an hour later, after the magic was gone, and people started arriving, I was walking back to my car and noticed this same paddle boarder who was loading up his car. I decided to stop and introduce myself and tell him I was the photographer taking his picture. I told him I would send him the photo if it turned out well. He grinned and said he would love that. He'd never had a photo of himself on his board. I told him not to get too excited because he would not be big enough in the frame to be recognizable, but it might make a great computer screen saver. I just now texted this image to him, and he texted back immediately, to thank me again and said it looked 'amazing'. This little experience reminded me that with just a little bit of effort we can brighten someone's day!