Sunday, May 7, 2017

Desert Birt of Paradise

Desert Bird of Paradise

I think this is called Desert Bird of Paradise, but has other names as well. It is often difficult to capture the details of this delicate, lacy, 'busy' bloom. Shooting into the sun at sunset with the sun just out of the frame, and using the cloudy sky as a plain backdrop worked well to show off this unusual flower.

(Had a few questions about taking this photo, so if anyone is interested...... Years ago this would have been an HDR shot, but not now. I always shoot in raw, bracket my shots, then choose the one that best captures adequate detail in the shadows without blowing out the highlights in the sky. Then usually, adjusting the 'highlight', 'white' and 'shadow' sliders in LR works well to create an acceptable exposure for both foreground and background. Usually the flower petals 'glow' nicely from being backlit by the sun, but if needs be, I'll tweak the 'radiance' slider a bit as well.)