Friday, January 22, 2010

Phriday Phun


This is one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen!  Last summer when we were in Moab with Dalin and Emily, they took us to a place called 'Helldorado'.  Here, men with too much testosterone decide that the lack of a road is not going to stop them from going anywhere they want to go.  No challenge is too great, they will conquer any boulder in sight!  And they did!!!  We watched for about an hour, and in an hour they only went about 25 yards, but they made it.  What was really amazing is that they were prepared for any mechanical failure.  I think one broke an axle and they hauled out a portable welding machine and welded it back together while it was stuck on a boulder.  They also fixed a flat tire while precariously stuck between two boulders.  This sport-activity-hobby is called 'Rock Crawling' and it is truly....  man and machine vs. wild.