Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Spring is Coming


How often do we take the time to find and enjoy the beauty that we see all around us? This work of art is a common Zinnia in the process of blooming. One of my favorite photographers, Karen Hutton, said, "I maintain that there is always EXTRA ordinary to be found in the ordinary. Sometimes it just takes the eyes to see it." I agree!!

Pine Valley Mountain, Utah


Pine Valley Mountain at sunset. For those of you not familiar with the St. George area, this mountain range is not naturally orange like the cliffs in my last post. If anyone wonders why landscape photographers (and other landscape artists), always talk about the importance of the quality of light, the time of day and the weather conditions necessary to make a good photo/image, look at the difference in the 2nd photo taken near the same location as the first one, but at midday in the bright sun.