Monday, February 22, 2010

Fanning Island Paradise

(Note:  Theme Week -  Fanning Island.  See previous post.)

We walked out from the palms to a sight that took our breath away.  This beautiful white sand beach was totally deserted. The only thing you could see was the pristine aqua lagoon (also deserted),  rimmed with palms, and a row of perfectly aligned blue and white umbrellas each with a beach lounge underneath for as far as one could see.  This was set up solely for the use of the ship tourists on the day the ship was there, and is deserted the other 6 days of the week.  I kept thinking this scene should be used in a travel magazine or as advertisement for the cruise line it was so perfect.  (I wasn't smart enough to take my picture before all the tourists made themselves comfortable)

The water in this lagoon was as pleasant as it was beautiful.  It was warm, and shallow and calm.    We walked quite a ways out and I don't think the water got deeper than our waist.  No noise, no cell phones, no traffic.  This gave us the real meaning of 'getting away from it all!'