Sunday, May 31, 2020

Snow Canyon, Utah

A Geologist's Dream!
I love my little corner of the world. Snow Canyon is a geologist's dream, with exposed layers of red and white sedimentary Navajo Sandstone layered with black volcanic basalt lava flows, dating back as far as 190 million years.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Desert Sunset at Kayenta, Utah

Desert sunsets in Kayenta, Utah can be so beautiful, but also deceiving, as it looks like I'm far away from civilization. In reality, this is a community of desert homes that sit on very large lots. When I shoot here, I always look for angles that don't show the houses. Additionally in this case, I'm standing just off a road in a new section being developed, and on my right just out of the frame, sits a big construction truck!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cactus Bloom Drama

Don't believe photographers who say you shouldn't bother to take photos in the middle of the day because of poor lighting. There are always exceptions to the 'rule'. Joel Sartore, (long time NatGeo photographer), said, "There are 2 rules in photography. No. 1: there are no rules. No. 2: refer to Rule No. 1. (This photo was take midday. Blooms were in front of a wall. The position of the camera in relation to the sun created beautiful back lighting on the flowers and put the background wall in deep shade, creating a high contrast, dramatic scene.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sunshine, Wind, Yellow Wildflowers!

Windy day, narrow depth of field, bright sun, fun and artsy result!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dragonfly - Red Cliffs Desert Garden

Second time in a couple of weeks I've actually shot something alive and moving, and have it in focus! (A record for me!) Just before sunset the light was amazingly warm and made this dragonfly brilliant, showing the amazing detail in its wings.   This shot is straight out of the camera as a jpg image, camera set to Velvia simulation. Did not increase saturation or vibrancy in post processing. Here's the back story: I went to the Red Cliffs Desert Garden shortly before sunset yesterday and sat down on a bench. I looked across the path and 6 to 10 of these red dragonflies were going crazy on a bush. I immediately put a telephoto lens on my camera, and from the comfort of the bench took all the time I needed to fire off a ton of shots. The dragonflies were so in love with that bush that I could have spent an hour sitting there shooting. So after taking a gazillion shots, I was able to get a couple that were actually in focus.

Desert Bird of Paradise, Ocotillo

 Desert Bird of Paradise
Two of my favorite desert plants.  Both were taken on different days at or after sunset, and in the same area, with Red Mountain in the background background.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Darn Photo Bomber!

 A Beautiful Desert Morning!

If there is ever something alive and moving in my pictures it's usually a mistake and I don't realize I have a photo bomber until I look at it on the computer!