Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tranquility Interrupted at Lake Powell!

It is not uncommon for a storm front to race through, even on a sunny, warm day, bringing heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightening.  When our children were young and we couldn't afford a houseboat we would camp on the shore and over the years endured numerous storms.  (I can't believe I did that!)  Now we watch from the comfort of the houseboat where we stay warm and dry, and when we are tired of watching the storm, we play games or read or eat, (usually all three),  until it passes and we can go back to our water sports or other activities.  This day we watched from the front of the houseboat as numerous streams appeared in a matter of minutes.  If we were up in one of the many canyons, we would be looking at waterfalls cascading off the rock cliffs.

I walked around to the back of the houseboat and this was what I saw.  This is probably one of the most dramatic skies I think I have ever seen, from the almost black, dense storm clouds to the bright blue sky.  Hard to believe that within a few hours, we were all back out sun tanning and jet skiing.

For Diane and others who may not be familiar with Lake Powell, here is a bit of information.  Lake Powell is the second largest man made resevoiur in the United States and straddles the border between Utah and Arizona. It was formed after construction of the Glen Canyon Dam which restricted the Colorado River.  It is a vast body of water with hundreds of miles of shoreline creating many inlets and water filled red rock canyons creating stark but beautiful desert vistas.   It is a major vacation spot and around 2 million people visit every year.  It is a mecca for those loving water sports including boating, water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, cliff diving, etc.  The best way to enjoy Lake Powell is on a houseboat.  Traveling around the lake you can see amazing red rock formations, rock arches, prehistoric Indian carvings and dwellings, etc.  During the summer months the water is as warm as bath water, and the lake is so vast that you never feel crowded.