Monday, January 7, 2019

Grand Canyon Overlook

Here's a few more photos I initially ignored, taken in March of 2018, but rethinking that they deserve a little love, if only to remember one of our RZR (ATV) trips last year. We rode from St. George to this remote Grand Canyon overlook. I don't remember if it had a name, but we were in Whitmore Canyon.

Sunset on Timp

I've been organizing photos from 2018 and came across this one that I had previously ignored. Maybe because I took so many photos of beautiful fall scenes this past year, this one just got overlooked, or maybe because now that all the leaves and color are gone, I needed a reminder of how much I love Utah where I can drive down a country lane 5 minutes from home, and enjoy an autumn sunset like this! (PS, I edited to crop and correct exposure, but did not increase color saturation.)