Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Creative

A Sunday bonus!  It's not common for me to post twice on the same day, but I wanted to join Justine today.  (Be sure to jump over to her blog to see all her talented friends.)  She is getting our creative juices flowing with a one word prompt, and today that word is 'material'.  My definition of material, was 'fabric', and this is my interpretation.  This is a beautiful wedding quilt made by Jan, the groom's mother.  She is also very creative!

Sunrise Sunday

What a Way to Start the Day!
 (camera settings: 1/160 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200, 15mm fisheye lens, tripod on gently rocking houseboat.  Several of you ask me to post my camera settings.  Usually I don't because by the time I tweak in PS, add an action or effect, the settings are not so relevant.  This shot, however, was SOOTC)

I really need to simplify my life.... you know cut out more stuff that isn't photography related!!!  (I'm just kidding, just the opposite, I really need to get my 'hobby' under control.)  You see, I take the photos but sometimes get so busy it takes me forever to download them to the computer.  Instead, when I'm ready for another photo op, I just get a clean CF card and move on.  This often results is a nice little stack of full cards sitting next to my computer getting lonely and waiting for me to give them attention.  The good news is, when I finally get to them, it's a surprise and I relive the event all over again, and usually with a fresh eye after a little time has elapsed.  Now I'm certainly not advocating this, but sometimes I get a nice surprise.  Like yesterday I was lamenting to myself because I had run out of images to use for Scott's Sunset Sunday, but later that day when I decided to download some of the 'patiently waiting' cards, I discovered our October Lake Powell trip, and yes, more brilliantly colored sunrises.  I'm enjoying those early mornings on the lake again, and even more so since I woke up to a snow covered wintry day here in my neck of the woods.

P.S.  On another subject.  We tried the turkey recipe I posted several posts ago and we're sold!!!  This was the best turkey we've every roasted.  Nice to finally learn how to do it after 40 years!