Friday, January 15, 2010

Phriday Phun

If you want a fun, simple, quick, easy, active game that EVERYONE of EVERY AGE can play, then this is it!  From toddlers to grandpas,  it's fun to play, and more fun to watch.  I have photos of all the family playing this game on Christmas Eve that I've posted on the website, but here I'm posting just the oldest and youngest participants.  I will have to mention that Scott won and I think Jaron was a close second.  The rules are simple.  Take a plain paper bag, bend over on just one leg and pick it up with your mouth without putting your other foot on the floor.  We do, however, bend the one leg rule for players under 2 years old!!!   (Hint - if there is a big group playing, the strategy is to go first so the edges of the bag aren't slobbery wet by the time your turn comes.)  After everyone has had a turn, two inches are cut off the top of the bag, and those who were successful in the first round move on.  And on and on it goes to see how low you can go!  We were reminiscing about a Larsen family reunion at Lake Powell years ago, when Jaron & Lindsey were the two remaining players and Lindsey won with the bag about an inch high.