Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Castaway Island

This is where Tom Hanks shot the movie 'Castaway'.  I can just see it now.....Tom trying his hardest to split open a coconut, or spear a fish to keep from starving to death, and talking to a volleyball because he was so lonely......... then, "cut, it's a wrap", (or whatever movie people say when they've finished a scene).  He then strolls a few yards down the beach to relax at this resort where he probably had lobster and an exotic cocktail for dinner.  And I bet he was enjoying his meal in the company of someone he did not call Wilson!  (Actually I have no idea if the resort was there while he was filming the movie, or if the resort was built because of the movie.)      

Fiji Island Getaway

Our trip to Fiji was totally amazing as far as our missionary activities were concerned. We had assignments and activities scheduled one after the other every day until the last 2 days. On the other hand, our trip to Fiji was totally frustrating for me as far as photography is concerned. We were driven everywhere we went and were always with other people so there was never time for me to stop to take photos, even though there were tons of photo ops.  This means that a good share of the 1430 photos I did take were either shot from a moving car, a moving plane or a moving boat!  This shot, obviously, is from a boat.  The one day we had for sightseeing was overcast and rainy.  For a brief few minutes the sun peeked through and I snapped a few.  This is a small resort island close to Nadi.