Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Supermoon, Ivins, Utah

Supermoon, Fire Lake, Ivins, Utah

Last Saturday's supermoon reflecting on Fire Lake in Ivins, Utah. I totally forgot about the supermoon and was in my car driving at dusk when I glanced out the side window and saw this spectacular moon barely above the horizon. Luckily I had my camera and immediately knew the closest place to find a decent composition was Fire Lake. I raced back there, jumped out of the car and stumbled down toward the lake. By then the moon was just barely peeking over the cliff. This image accurately portrays the scene as my eyes saw it. But this is not what my camera saw. Even with my lack of preparation, (and no tripod, or light to see my camera dials), I was still able to snap multiple exposures at various settings. Back home on the computer I combined the best ones, then did more editing to compensate for blur, noise, tilt, etc. Despite my lack of competence, and manipulations, I hope you enjoy this final image.