Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Three Sons

Yesterday Jaron, Dalin and Tyler all arranged their schedules so they could spend the afternoon together playing golf. They've been trying to get together every so often to either play golf or go shooting, or 4-wheeling. Last night at dinner, Jaron kept us laughing with details about the event. Dalin buying expensive golf balls and losing most of them on the first couple holes. Tyler driving the cart through the mud and getting them stuck. All of them trying to make golf carts do stuff they were never meant to do, and all of them unknowingly showing up in color coordinated attire - even if the 'colors' were gray and black. I am so proud of all of them and count as one of my sweetest blessings that my sons care about each other, like each other, and enjoy being with each other.

(What was I thinking!!!! I spend the time making those cute matching outfits, then let Jaron wear those awful socks in the picture!)