Monday, January 30, 2012

Just off the Road to Milford Sound

There is a tunnel on the way to Milford Sound and off to one side is a craggy mountain capped with snow and ice.  Many tourists were off to the side of the road taking photos.  I'm usually a 'photo rebel' so I turned in the opposite direction to see if I could find a more unique photo op, and here it was.  I had to walk back up the road about 10 yards.  Nestled just off the road and down a little incline, was this tiny patch of lupine.  I walked all around, trying to find the very best shot, and finally saw this, with the diagonal line of the flowers matching the line of the mountain.  When I was through, I walked back to our car in the parking area where all the other tourists were taking photos in the opposite direction.  I couldn't resist talking to a few of them and pointing to the much better scene I had found.  Some looked surprised, thanked me, and walked back to the lupine, others didn't want to be bothered and left.  I know there are a few who were willing to take the time and will go home with some lovely travel photos!

P.S.  Who says you can't take a nice photo in the middle of the day in the bright sun!!!  (Incidentally, the direction everyone else was shooting was washed out and glaring because of the sun hitting all the white snow.)