Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three of My Favorite Things!

When I am outside, here are three of my favorite things to look at and photograph:

Beautiful Trees
There is such a wide variety of interesting trees here.  I've posted a photo of the kauri tree that can live for thousands of years.  Another great tree is the pohutukawa tree.  The trunks and limbs of the old trees are massive.  I can't wait until Christmastime when they are covered with red blooms.  In addition, there are many varieties of fern trees and palm trees, pine trees, furs, as well as common fruit and shade trees. 

Beautiful Clouds
Our office has big windows where most days we can watch the most fascinating 'cloud parade'.  The clouds hang very low and have great dimension, and sometimes they move across the sky so quickly it looks like a time lapse video.  One minute they are dark and menacing, and three minutes later they are light and fluffy.

Beautiful Seashells
I love to walk along the beautiful beaches and see what treasures I find.  I already have a tray filled with shells on our coffee table and we've only been here a few months.  I've missed doing some creative edits, so I took a few minutes and had fun with this one.