Friday, August 24, 2018

Bedogol - Balinese gate guardian statues

Bedogol - Balinese Gate Guardian Statues

Bedogol - Balinese gate guardian statues. Two of a variety of different types of statues are selected to guard Balinese temples and homes. One is placed on the right side of the entrance way and one is placed on the left side. Both statues may look alike, but they are not identical. They complement each other and represent, for example, good vs. bad, positive vs. negative. The statue with the most power is placed on the right side. The purpose is the add balance by organizing possible unbalanced forces from the outside world, and to make the positive and negative elements neutral before entering the home. Temple and home entrance ways and front doors in Bali were ornate, colorful, detailed and beautiful. The statues varied greatly from beautiful and shapely Balinese women to ugly, terrifying, realllllly scary looking monsters or demons.