Saturday, September 12, 2015

Southwestern Utah Blooms

A friend of mine who is a journalist for a southwestern Utah newspaper asked me to submit a selection of my desert florals for consideration to be included in an article he is writing, highlighting four Utah landscape/nature photographers who live in southwestern Utah.  When I didn't respond, he contacted me and said since we own a home in southern Utah and spend part of the year there, that according to him, (and he makes the rules), I qualify.  I don't usually do stuff like this, but decided to honor his request.  Below are the images and the 'photographer's statement' I sent.

 Circle Dance

 Sunshine Shower

 Dancing in the Rain

 Beauty Among the Weeds

 Spotlight Please

 Stick 'em Up .....We've Got You Covered!

"My floral images are usually alive with vivid color, are busy rather than calm, and most always have unique lighting and/or interesting backgrounds.  Rarely do I place my macro flowers on a plain white or black backdrop, because this is too common or boring to me.  Instead, I try to fill the frame with unique and interesting elements that add information, such as the time of day, or unusual weather conditions, or dramatic lighting conditions, (I’m a big fan of sun flare and bokeh), that visually give the viewer a sense of how my subject flower fits into the scene around it.  While I most always have a main subject, I also try to have secondary subjects or additional points of interest that will attract the viewer’s attention.  I want to entice viewers to enjoy and stay involved with my image as long as possible!  My philosophy is that the longer an image can hold a viewer’s interest and attention, the more value it has for that person."