Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Annual Thanksgiving Eve.......

(plus bodyguard)
It seems only fair! The men in our family usually get together on Thanksgiving Day before dinner and go shooting. By that I mean they gather up junk that should have gone to the dump, (such as old TVs, microwaves, Halloween pumpkins, etc.), haul them out to the foothills by Saratoga Springs, and blast them to smithereens. (Is that really a word?) And when all that is reduced to dust, they resort to shooting clay pigeons. Around here, nothing says 'male bonding' better than blowing old stuff up, unless it's working together under the hood of an old car. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the ladies are slaving away in the kitchen preparing the days feast and tending children. So we decided to start a new tradition where the women get together for a little female bonding on Thanksgiving Eve and let the men hold down the fort!! Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory was perfect. Lots of girl talk, lots of laughing, lots of stories, and lots of calories!!! The only thing that was missing was Amber. Tyler was saving your place, Amber, until you can join us for the Second Annual Thanksgiving Eve Girls Night Out.