Friday, August 21, 2009

Phriday Phun

Ragtop Cadillac

Summer at the Larsen house means car shows. (Actually, Spring, Summer and Fall!) Over the years I've taken numerous photos of cars at the shows. Gives me something to do to ward off boredom. That and taking photos of the weird people. Anyway, today I was in a country music mood and was listening to the group Lonestar singing their song "Ragtop Cadillac". Reminded me of this photo I took a few years ago. (Who remembers 'fins' like that????) Part of the song lyrics are:

I got a black book full of numbers
All the makings of a real hot summer
Radio, cranked up to rockin'
A weeks pay burning a hole in my pocket,

I've got everything I need, almost
Everything I need, I'm this close
Everything I need, but wouldn't you know
The only thing I lack,
Is you and a ragtop Cadillac.

Not exactly brilliant, but the tune is catchy.