Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Autumn Meets Winter!

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter!

Some time ago I mentioned that many of my photographer friends are posting their work on Instagram instead of a blog.  I am also posting my work in IG but will continue to do both, because this blog is my personal photography journal of my favorite shots during the year.  I really appreciate my friends who continue to take a look here and especially those who comment, and I apologize for not making it to your blogs as much as I'd like to.  If you are more of an Instagram user, however, you can find me at 'karenlarsenphotography' and 'karenlarsenldstemples'.  

I usually post a photo tip, (called NOTES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS), with each image I post on IG, and decided I should do that here as well.

NOTES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS:  I've mentioned before, that placing a horizon line anywhere but dead center of the frame often creates a more visually interesting composition.  This is also true when you have a strong dividing line between two elements below the horizon.