Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mirror Lake, Utah

Mirror Lake, Utah
(Taken in August, 2014)

If you love love love taking pictures and if you are anything like me, your computer, like mine, is always overloaded with photo shoots that I haven't yet gone through to decide their fate.  I always have a bunch of photos that I can't decide whether to keep or not, so they sit waiting for a decision.  Then there are the keepers that I will eventually get around to editing and posting on this blog or Facebook or 500 px, or save in my Smugmug account.  The result is, I have hundreds, (maybe thousands), of photos sitting in a temporary folder waiting for me to dispatch them to their final home.  I actually have more important things to do in my life other than photography, (did I just say that??),  and there are never enough hours in the day,  so I'm not real efficient about handling my 'post photo shoot' work in a timely manner.  

Which leads me to this photo.  This morning I was spending a few minutes shuffling through photos from last year that are still patiently waiting for me to notice them.  Well I noticed this one and was surprised it didn't catch my eye before now.  The sky in the background was covered with clouds, but the late afternoon sun was shinning in blue sky, lighting up the trees and water reflections.    I think it is worthy of a second look and a post.

(P.S.  I boosted the lighting and colors in the foreground as the boat was in deep afternoon shadow.)