Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Sunset - Zion National Park

Now Here's a Cabin With a View!!

Our little Casita is about a half hour drive to Zion National Park, one of my FAVORITE places of all time.  I've been anxiously waiting for spring to come when the brilliant green leaves of the cottonwood trees and grasses make such a striking contrast to the red cliffs.  But yesterday, I just couldn't wait. 

I discovered a back road that skirts around the edge of the park that I had not known existed and found some breathtakingly, majestic views.  I spent an hour or so at sunset watching these beautiful cliffs catch on fire as the sun moved closer to the horizon.  

I'm assuming the land in this valley is privately owned, and just outside the park, since there were several privately owned cabins.  What a view they have, even in winter!