Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day at Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga - A Sacred Place

Kupe left Hawaiki to follow the stars, the cloud and weather patterns, and the migration of birds, and he discovered a beautiful land of the long white cloud.  He named the very northern most tip Te Rerenga Kairua.  This became a most sacred place for the Maori people because they believed that when they die, their spirits would leave their bodies from this very place to join their ancestors. 

It is a unique and magical place in that the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean come together here.  One can see different shades of blue and turquoise, and waves and currents traveling from opposite directions toward each other, defining the two bodies of water.  The line or 'meeting place' is fluid and ever moving.  Even though it was a dark and gray day when we were there, you can see the 'meeting place' on the left side of the lighthouse. 

Since the office was closed on Monday and Tuesday, we had a four day weekend.  Even though we average traveling once a month, we feel we need to take every opportunity we can to see this beautiful country.  We traveled up the west coast (Tasman Sea side), out to the tip of Cape Reinga (Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean), then down the east coast (Pacific Ocean).  Although overcast most of the time (not great photo weather), it was beautiful, as is everywhere in NZ we have been thus far.  Although we missed being with our family, this will certainly be a Christmas to remember, as we opened our few Christmas gifts, (thank you family), at Cape Reinga.